Microchip Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP) is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, and takes pride in being one of the leading manufacturers of microcontrollers and analog semiconductors. The company ships more than a billion processors every year.


Considering the dynamic speed at which technology is evolving, Microchip is committed to delivering outstanding technical support. Businesses are benefiting as the cost system is lowered, lowering the risk arising from product development. It helps companies with enhanced marketing across diverse applications.


Microchip microcontrollers such as PICmicro, dsPIC / PIC24, PIC32 have widespread applications. The devices are designed to meet unmatched accuracy, and the product range includes Serial EEPROM, Serial SRAM, KEELOQ, radiofrequency, thermal, power and battery management devices.

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Shiv Electronics is a trusted independent Microchip distributor offering: Microchip PIC Microcontrollers, Embedded Controllers, Amplifiers and Linear, 8051 Interface, Power Management Devices, Memory Devices and Data Converters; in Mumbai (India).
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