The SIM28ML from SIMCom is a standalone, high-performance module with greater durability and reliability. Made with Surface Mount Technology this L1 frequency GPS module is a key component in various mobile designs.

The SIM28ML is an Assisted-GPS receiver with built-in LNA, i.e. it does not need external LNA. SIM28ML can track signals as low as -165dBm without network assistance. This module is enriched with the MediaTek navigation system, which enables it to achieve the industry's highest sensitivity, accuracy, and Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF) with the lowest power consumption. It consumes only 17 mA for acquisition and 16 mA for tracking.

The SIM28ML is also highly compatible with most navigation applications like Autonomous GPS, Quasi Zenith satellite systems (QZSS), and Satellite-based Augmentation Systems (SBAS).

SIM28ML GPS Module
Serial interface
Mechanical data
  • Dimensions: 10.1*9.7*2.5 mm
  • Weight: 0.5g
General features
  • Support EPOTM orbit prediction
  • Support SBAS ranging (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS)
  • Support Jamming removing function
  • Low-noise amplifier has been integrated
  • Serial interfaces
    • UART
  • Digital I/O
    • GPIO
  • Protocols
    • NMEA
    • PMTK
Support Products
  • SIM68 EVB KIT with USB V2.0 full speed interface
Electrical Data
  • Power supply: +2.8V ~4.3V
  • Backup power: +2.0V ~4.3V
  • Power consumption
    • Acquisition: 17mA
    • Tracking: 16mA
    • Backup: 8A
  • Antenna type
    • Active and Passive
  • Antenna Power
    • External
Performance Data
  • Receiver type
    • 22 tracking / 66 acquisition- channel GPS receiver GPS L1, C/A Code
  • Max. update rate
    • 5Hz
  • Sensitivity1
    • Tracking: -165 dBm
    • Reacquisition: -160 dBm
    • Cold starts: -148 dBm
  • Time-To-First-Fix2
    • Cold starts: 32s (typical)
    • Warm starts: 3s
    • Hot starts: <1s
    • EPO Assist: 13s (CTTFF)
  • Accuracy
    • Automatic Position3: 2.5m CEP
    • Speed4: 0.1m/s
  • Operation temperature: -40℃~+85 ℃
  • CE
  • Demonstrated in liberary
  • All SV @ 130 dBm
  • 50% 24 hr static, -130dBm
  • 50%@ 30m/s
  • @3.3V with a passive antenna
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